Today on Creatures from HELLas we will introduce you to a sea monster you may or may not have heard of. You know that sailors tell many frightening sea stories and try to scare their young crew members. This story could very well be one of them.

We are talking about the Nessiteras who lives in the depths of the ocean, far away from where people can see it. When it was first spotted by warriors on a war ship, people were so frightened of this monstrous creature that they called out for the gods to help. The monster heard this and fearing the consequences disappeared as quickly as it came up. It was described like that: "as if it were pulled away from ropes". Who knows? Maybe it is bound to the ocean ground by ropes.

The Nessiteras is portrayed as a huge creature with a long neck and a small head that contains a mouth full of small sharp teeth. However, most times people only saw a shadow moving in the ocean and its back surfacing in the water like little moving islands. Although many people believe differently the myths tell that though its appearance might be frightening the monster never attacks on purpose. However, many strong man have already tried to capture the creature testing their courage and have either failed because it was nowhere to be found or been devoured by the monster that felt threatened in its existence.

Maybe it still lives down there on the ocean ground and will find its rightful defeater in the future. Regardless of its current location - do you believe that this story is part of the Greek mythology or just the invention of a horror movie?

I've actually just described Nessie of Loch Ness to you, of course adding a few minor details. Nessiteras (rhombopteryx) is the actual biological name that Nessie would have received had it really existed.


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