Barefoot McCoy

Like every week we have a new musician for you to enjoy.
The last days, whenever I went out I smelled the spring here. The sun warmed me up and the birds started again to sing their beautiful songs.
At a wonderful time like that when the whole nature awakes, I really don’t like to hear loud and fast songs, I like to hear melodic, calm, lovely music.

So I also searched for you something which holds within it - as I believe - the colours of the spring and of course the coming summer.
Barefoot McCoy is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Even his name bears in it the feeling of the warmth of the coming time. Barefoot is of course not his real name but it was given to him by his friends from Kentucky Chief Rainwater (Cherokee) and Gail Roe. The reason for it is that Barefoot walked around a whole summer without shoes. What a beautiful sensation it must be to feel an entire summer the bare nature under your feet.
When you are listening to the albums of Barefoot McCoy you get with every song a total different sensation. Each of them contains a unique emotion of love or sadness created through their deep personal lyrics and their characteristic instrumental work.
The lyrics of the songs describe his love for the nature and the value he puts into peace, truth and life.
The period he developed his personal style a lot was his time in Kentucky from 2010 to 2014. There he played with local folk bands, got a deep knowledge in the Appalachian culture and he broadened his connection with the nature and the melodious music.
It is also the time when he learned to play the banjo and in the guitar finger-picking “Merle-Travis-style”.
To express his thoughts Barefoot uses a mix of genres: singer-songwriter, folk-rock and acoustic blues. Through that his music has a very personal note which reminds us silently the past and gives us strength for the future.
If you are interested to hear him live you could go on his website and look at his schedule. Mostly his performances are private but there are also ones like on the 30 of March to the 1 of April at the Cottage market in Frazeysburg, Ohio, where he will perform a mix of his own music and a lot of classical songs by musicians like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan.
So if you are the next time in this area, why don’t you take a look and let yourself get swapped away by a handful of beautiful music.

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