Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis was born in 1983 in Germany in a city called Oldenburg near Bremen in the north of the country.

He started his career at the age of six when his parents decided to enroll him in violin lessons.

He liked those so much that he wanted to play also other instruments. When he celebrated his ninth birthday he received his first electric guitar and he started to play rock and roll. Over the last years he recorded several albums and EPs. His target group are age 14 and up.
In these albums and EPs he combines a lot of music styles from acoustic folk, progressive rock to pop and rock. He writes most of his songs himself.
He sings alone but he has also one band called ‘Beelzebub Airlines’ which satisfies the little jazzhead inside of him on a weekly basis.
By the way, when he is not playing music, he works as a producer and field engineer.
He describes himself like this:
“Who I am not: the dog trainer, the surgeon, the politician, the reggae musician, the electronic music producer, the country singer and of course: him...”
So if you want to know more about him you can listen to his songs for free on Jamendo.
Now you will listen to one song by this artist.

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