The Globe

It is well-known that the Ancient Greeks were skilled sailors, in fact they are also the inventors of the globe.


We not know yet who was the first to invent it but we know that the globe was invented in Salamina in the past before the battle Homonym, that we remember today as the big victory of the Greek fleets over the Persian fleets.
In some manuscripts that were found on the island was written that the globe was invented to deceive the enemies in many different ways.
It was necessary to invent something that allowed the Greeks to have a major possibility to attack the enemies. The greatest writers of Ancient Greece said that the invention of the globe was very important for the victory over the Persian fleet. However, thanks to this invention the discovery of new areas began and step by step those were engraved on the globe.

The first globe was designed on goose eggs with a goose feather.
On the small globe contained the known areas until to the Columns of Hercules.
Also, idyllic areas, sea monsters and intricate sea currents were engraved. According to many myths of the Ancient Greek culture this areas were occupied by the demigods.




This story is not true. The globe was invented between 1490 and 1492 by Martin Behaim. However, the most ancient globe dates back to 1500 and was constructed in Florence, maybe by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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