Today I want to talk to you again about a beautiful island in Greece which you could visit next.
The island is really small and therefore the perfect place to relax and forget all your daily problems.
Agathonisi is the most northern island of the Dodecanese and is located really near to Samos. So you could maybe take a day trip from Samos to Agathonisi.  

As I said before it is a kind of small island, to explain it better all together it covers an area of 13,5 square kilometers.
Around it, there are a lot of small rocky offshore islets like Psatonisi, Strogili, Neronisi, Katsagani and Kunelonisi, with which it has a land area of 14,5 square kilometers.
The island has two villages, both inland – Megalo Chorio, the so called “big village” and Mikro Chorio, the so called “small village” - and the small settlement of Agios Georgios, where also the island harbor and a few hotels and restaurants are located.
In the last census in the year 2011 the population was at 185 inhabitants of which 168 lived in Megalo Chorio, so you can find really easily places there where you can be all by yourself.
If you want to take a walk on the island, you should for sure take good shoes with you. That’s not because of its big mountains – the biggest one counts 209 meters above sea level – but because of its ground, which is made almost entirely of limestone and is covered with thorny macchia.
But that should not hinder you from taking nice walks over the island, because if you are lucky you may see some rare birds, as the island is under protection of the program Natura 2000 as a precious shelter for them.
So what do you think, does it sound interesting for you?

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