...men didn't exist

We already have imagined how world without women would be, now it is a time to imagine what if men didn't exist. Everyone knows the sentens from the song It's raining men, hallejulah. Do you think it is the truth that men are blessing for women?

In the past women couldn't live without the men. They provided them food and safety. They were breadwinners, while the women were doing the housework and brought up the children. Nowadays the women situation has changed. Women are not only for cooking and taking care of children. Women take up the high positions and are financial independent.

In the theory women could manage to live without them, but in practise? Who would fix the leaking pipe in the bathroom? Who would tell us compliments and buy the flowers? And with who we would start a family?

Every little girl want to be daddy's girl, and every mature women want to have a best friend and a partner. Men gives us feeling of safety and we give them a lot of care. Together we create a very good team.

So how world would look like without men? Chaos! Women couldn't cooperate together, they would gossiping each other. Football wouldn't excist anymore, because 11 women wouldn't like to play in the same outfit. From the other hand the roads would be safer and everything would be more gentle and sentimental. I have to admit that the world would miss the smell of mens' perfumes and their analytic thinking. So even when men break our hurts, grump too much and mess the house it is better to have them.

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