Creatures from HELLas

In this category you will have to guess if the creature we present you is from a horror movie or from the ancient Greek mythology! Enjoy!

The Gorgon

On our creature from Hellas topic you will now hear a description of a creature and in the end you should guess, if it is either from the Greek mythology or if it’s a Disney or Hollywood invention, so let’s start.
The creature, or better the creatures are three atrocities. They appear with long hair, but if you look closer, you will notice that their hairs are snakes.


The Faun

Today I would like to present you very well-known creature. He is part of different fantasy books and movies. Our topic for today is the Faun.


The Basilisk

 Probably you have already heard of the Basilisk, a very frightening snake creature, in one or another novel which name I will not mention now. But like every legendary monster, it mostly has its routs in the Greek mythology. So, read through this description and guess: is it also the case with this one?


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