Creatures from HELLas

In this category you will have to guess if the creature we present you is from a horror movie or from the ancient Greek mythology! Enjoy!

Beast of the Labirynth

In this week we would like to present you another mythic...

Actually I don't know. I will need your help to figure that out.



In our today's episode of creatures from HELLas, I want to tell you something about a creature called Chimera.

The name in general has a deep connection to the evil and demonic.
The chimera usually appears before disasters such as earthquakes, storms or volcano eruptions. This is the reason, why it is a bad omen, only to see one of these creatures.



Today on Creatures from HELLas, I want to discover  a bit more of the depths of the Greek mythology…or maybe about a movie monster? The monstrositi we are talking today isn't like a colossus as you may think, it is a gigantic bird. But what is so interesting about a lovely bird? The bird that I am talking about is more than unusual and nearly the opposite of lovely, not only because it is impossible to kill it.


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