Creatures from HELLas

In this category you will have to guess if the creature we present you is from a horror movie or from the ancient Greek mythology! Enjoy!


Today on Creatures from HELLas, I want to discover  a bit more of the depths of the Greek mythology…or maybe about a movie monster? The monstrositi we are talking today isn't like a colossus as you may think, it is a gigantic bird. But what is so interesting about a lovely bird? The bird that I am talking about is more than unusual and nearly the opposite of lovely, not only because it is impossible to kill it.



The Creeper is a terrifying and unknown creature whose origins are mostly unknown.
There are people that think that this creature is from the south of the Europe but nobody no exactly where he is from.



Welcome back to in our today’s episode of creatures from HELLas!

Let me start with this quotation:
"The rancor is deadly and one of the most hideous beasts I have ever encountered [ …] with no thought other than to kill and eat."


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