Creatures from HELLas

In this category you will have to guess if the creature we present you is from a horror movie or from the ancient Greek mythology! Enjoy!

The Sphinx

 "Which creature has one voice and yet becomes four-footed and two-footed and three-footed?" Do you know the answer of this riddle? I would recommend to think about this very carefully. If you aren't able to find it out, the Sphinx will strangle you, bite your throat and holds it down until you will die. This creature rather sounds like an invention of a horror movie, doesn't it? Or is it a creature of the Greek mythology?



Today on Creatures from Hellas I want to present you something really special. We are not talking about an animal, neither a person, today I want to introduce you to Dschinni, a ghost. But what is so special and interesting on a ghost? Well actually it is a bit more, than a usual ghost and not only because he has a mind. First of all he looks a bit like a human.


The damned sailor

There is a creature known by all seamen, a figure so horrible, it fills even the bravest of all sailors with nervousness and fear. Of course, there are no real monsters, this is just a made up tale. The question is: Who invented the creature I am about to describe? Was it an ancient Greek storyteller or did a more modern mind produce this idea?


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