What if ...

Hypothetical, no-nonsense and worthwhile: Listen to our small "What if"-scenarios about pretty much everything that could be different.

The "What- If"- scenarios closely resemble this logo that we created: Imagine a balloon is passing your way with the written question "What If.." on it. In our mind that captured many different situations, seriously and funny.

So what if ...

... nobody needed to sleep?

“Whaaaaat, already 11 o’clock?” I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this thought every Weekend, when there is no alarm clock waking us up earlier. This always makes me think how much more time we would have, if we wouldn’t have to sleep at night.


... nobody would care about person's appearance?

It just takes a tenth of a second to get a first impression of somebody. With this first impression people decide whether they like or dislike each other. Our decision usually depends on the voice, the body language and the appearance of the person we meet for the first time.
Even if it happens automatically: we often define humans because of their personal appearance and pass judgement on them. But what if nobody would care about how a person looks?


... Oil would finish ?

Imagine to wake up one day, turn on the television and discover that the last drop of oil is exhausted. Researches of new deposits failed. The humanity lost its biggest source of energy.


... parents can choose features of their children?

Our parents gave us a life. They love us such as we are. Sometimes we are similar to them, sometimes not. It isn't important for them. But what could happen if all the parents around the word can choose features of their children? would we look similar to now or would we have something changed on our body or personality?


... people can be frozen in an Iceblock?

What if people can be frozen in an iceblock?

Today we want to think about what would change if people can conserve their lives completely through making use of an iceblock.

Imagine there would be a breakthrough in science so that it is possible to conserve human life.
The oldest person ever lived on this planet is a woman called Jeanne Calment with 122 years and a half.
As we are humans who with few exception are not content with what we have even that impressive number seems not to be enough.


... people could breath under water

21 minutes and 33 seconds was the maximum of holding the breath a human ever made, but imagine you, holding your breath for 1 day, or also to breath under water? If this would have been possible, you could find a lot of things in our oceans. Maybe people would start to build there houses under water and we could have villages or even cities in our oceans. People would drive with boats in the water instead of cars to visit their friends or go to school.


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