What if ...

Hypothetical, no-nonsense and worthwhile: Listen to our small "What if"-scenarios about pretty much everything that could be different.

The "What- If"- scenarios closely resemble this logo that we created: Imagine a balloon is passing your way with the written question "What If.." on it. In our mind that captured many different situations, seriously and funny.

So what if ...

... everything was a competition?

We are surrounded by competitions all our life. There is competition between siblings about the last lollipop or the remote control, between classmates about grades, between fellow sportsmen about games or races and between friends about board games. The big difference is if it is healthy or unhealthy competition.


... fairytales were true

Everybody knows at least the common fairy tales like Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin. But what would be if they came true? Could you imagine living in a world where witches and fairies existed and could change your life with their magic? Think of a table that can set itself and a boot that can take you seven miles when you are just doing one step?

Fairy tales are usually nice stories with happy ends that you tell children. In those stories it is always clear who is good and who is bad and it is normal that the “bad guy”, mostly the witch or the evil stepmother, will get murdered very cruelly at the end. Later on in school the same children learn that nothing is just good or bad, that there are always more points of view and different opinions and that you do not murder somebody just for revenge (at least in Europe).

But what would be if fairy tales were true? Would it be totally clear who is good and who is evil or would there be differences as we know? Would there not just be bad witches but also good ones for example? Maybe there are reasons why the evil person in a fairy tale acts as they do. Maybe we just did not get told in the fairy tales. Maybe it is just the nature of the things, just as animals, too, always behave like it is normal and naturally for their species or race.

Anyway, in my opinion it would be interesting to live in a world like a fairy tale where there are so many different types of mythical creatures and so many things to discover. This world would be dangerous and fantastic at the same time – depending whether you decided to be good or evil.

... Flies would have never existed

Please imagine this situation. You bake a fragrant apple cake, you put it on the table and after some seconds you see a big black fly with dirty legs walking on your cake. Now you can try to catch it with a fly swatter or you close your eyes and wake up in a world where flies have never existed. You think this would be a wonderful place? Maybe you are right.


... global warming constantly continues?

You might have heard of it in the news or listened to it on the radio several times already. Also in politics this topic is very present and part of serious discussions: the global warming. Since it is a very important topic, I decided to invite you listeners to think about our today's what if-question together with me. What if global warming constantly continues?


... Google Translate would not existed?

Nowadays, we have the contact with many different languages everyday. Everybody uses the dictionary, and cannot imagine the life without it.


... human beings would be equals?

There is a sentence which says: “the world is nice because is different”, but is it always true?

For example, at school or in another places, if you try to be friendly with a group where each one wear the same clothes, haircut or have similar habits is difficult because they see you are different and for this reason they can exclude you or otherwise they will accept you ( doing a lot of questions about your life, inviting at their parties or other things).


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