What if ...

Hypothetical, no-nonsense and worthwhile: Listen to our small "What if"-scenarios about pretty much everything that could be different.

The "What- If"- scenarios closely resemble this logo that we created: Imagine a balloon is passing your way with the written question "What If.." on it. In our mind that captured many different situations, seriously and funny.

So what if ...

Friendship wouldn't exist?


Today in our what if section I want to make some reflection about friendship.
It's something all of us know very well, I hope!
Friend is that person we like to be with, because he or she makes us feel good.
Friends are life companions, the family we can choose, and they are very important, because they make our days brighter and our smiles wider.


We had no ants in the world

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the bugs. Today I will talk about the ants, because it would be fantastic to go trough a summer without the annoying small insects that seem to always find an entrance into your house. So what if we had no ants in the world?


We had no public transportation

In every country you will find some sort of public transportation, the most normal kinds of public transportations are busses, ferries, rail-ways and airlines. Public transportation is available for the entire public, in exchange of money. The amount of money depends on which sort of transportation is necessary, if you are travelling long distance you might have to take a plane or a ferry. What would happen if we did not have this offer?


… every meal would taste like your favourite dish?

Have you ever thought “I love this food so much! I could eat it all day”? Probably everybody has a favourite dish or some special food they love. Some people like pasta, some like chocolate and some others like pita. There is an infinite number of different meals from all over the world and so there are also uncountable different flavours. Now imagine that every food you will eat would taste like pasta, chocolate, pita or whatever your favourite food is. Wouldn’t that be great?


… the wheel had never been invented?

The wheel, as it’s usually said, is the best invention since antiquity and is the most important invention nowadays still, because from that wheel other extraordinary creations are been thought up.
The invention of the wheel it’s reported around 4000 B.C. in the Mesopotamia by the Sumerians.


…tears would leave dark stains?

Tears are made of three layers: oil, water and mucus. How do you think your surrounding would look like if there was one more dyeing layer?
In our daily life we cry often or see other people cry for a lot of different reasons. After the fall of tears what remains are mostly red eyes, a headache, wet clothing, sometimes a mental stab in the heart but maybe also a smile on the face.


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