What if ...

Hypothetical, no-nonsense and worthwhile: Listen to our small "What if"-scenarios about pretty much everything that could be different.

The "What- If"- scenarios closely resemble this logo that we created: Imagine a balloon is passing your way with the written question "What If.." on it. In our mind that captured many different situations, seriously and funny.

So what if ...

...we could use telepathy?

Often the communication with the words is more difficult of what we think, and the more annoying part is that the misunderstandings happen really often in the dailylife. We use sentences that for us have a certain meaning but not for the others.


...we couldn´t travel?

If our movements would be limited in the territory of the city in where we are born, our entire life would be developed in less than 100 square kilometers. If we couldn't travel for sure we would know every centimeter of our city, every street and every village of our territory. And this would be really nice, because often we don't know some wonderful places in our land, and sometimes we discover them when some friend came to visit us.


...we had no memory?

Welcome to our What if-Program of this week.
One question for you:
Have you ever thought what would happen if we had no memory?
If we woke up every morning without remembering anything about ourselves or our life until that moment?
It would be crazy right?
Memory is actually what our life and progress is based on, we are made of experiences and memories, our past took us where we are now.


...we interrupt the process of globalization?

Globalization is a process that began in the 15th century after the discovery of America.

Globalization is a set of processes that have created political and cultural economic interdependence among the different nations around the globe.


...we keep on using fossil fuels like we are doing now?

Have you ever asked yourself...

What if we keep on using massively quantities of fossil fuels like we are doing now?

We know that nowadays our planet is affected by many problems caused by humans, the biggest one is pollution, which is causing global warming and drastic changes to the whole environment.

Fossil fuels, like carbon, oil and natural gas are our main source of energy and unfortunately the main responsible for pollution. 


...We ran out of coffee?

The worst part in the morning is getting out of the cozy bed, you always just want to stay for another 5 minutes witch turns into 30 minutes. Some people have the strength to avoid these tempting toughs, others need a little push. Personally I need a big push, and my push is coffee, a fresh warm cup off caffeine to kick start the morning, or just a lazy day. What would happen if we ran out of coffee?


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