Speak if it's Greek

Truth or lie, fact or fiction? In our show "Speak if it's Greek" we wish to give you, the listener, in an entertaining way the chance to test your own knowledge.

Is the story you will hear true, and the item really of Greek origin? Or are we just pulling your leg? Listen an decide for yourself. The correct answer will be given away every week in the preview, and below the video.

So go ahead and Speak if it's Greek!

The crest

Every day we use some basic stuff that makes our lifes more simple, for example the hair dryer, kettle, mobile phones etc. In this episode of 'Speak if it's Greek', I want to tell you about a thing we couldn't live without.


The cooking stove

If you`ve ever lived on your own, then you know the most difficult question of the day: what should I eat for lunch? And for someone like me, only slightly talented in cooking, there are not many options: Pasta, Eggs, Rice? But whatever of those I want to eat, one thing is necessary: the cooking stove. Every household has one, every household needs one. But who invented the cooking stove? Where does it come from?



Have you ever used Skype? If yes, you will know how useful and practical this application is. Many people enjoy it everyday and some use it even for their work. But did you ever think about who we have to thank for this?



Computer maybe is the most important invention from the last century. It was the start for a lot of invention that change forever our life in this years, do you agree?

This amazing invention starts from a genius Greek called Alan Turing. He build the Turing machine in 1936, but to be clear, this machine is completely different from the modern computer that we use usually in our homes.



Plenty of stories of mirrors were made up by people; they make it until now. This motive exists as a superstition, bad luck for seven years, as the almost most important thing for women and as a character in cartoons.


Invention of Dropbox

This week we speak about the most used program for the sharing and storage files and also as back up service. Everything will be saved in the cloud and you can reach your file anywhere with an internet connection and


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