Speak if it's Greek

Truth or lie, fact or fiction? In our show "Speak if it's Greek" we wish to give you, the listener, in an entertaining way the chance to test your own knowledge.

Is the story you will hear true, and the item really of Greek origin? Or are we just pulling your leg? Listen an decide for yourself. The correct answer will be given away every week in the preview, and below the video.

So go ahead and Speak if it's Greek!

Blackboard and chalk

This week’s episode will be about the blackboard and chalk. Did you know that those were Greek inventions? No? Then check this out! 


The newspaper

Hello and welcome to ChiosRadio.gr! For this weeks new episode of our quiz category Speak If I will present you a new story about something that could may be invent by the Greeks. Do you think the newspaper is originally Greek? Let’s hear!


The Drum

Today I will speak about one common object that now is very popular and present in many occasions: The drum. in ancient Greece it was called tympanon from the family of percussion, its formed of two part; one is the membrane made by using skin of donkey, and the other is  called  resonance head on the underside of the drum.
Now everybody use this instrument but how was it born?


Speak if the window is Greek

For sure you take windows for granted, right? Of course as you don't know and probably also can't imagine life without them. But when did they become invented and who did it? If you want to know, keep on reading!


The Bow

Today I will speak about an object known worldwide and which had a great importance in the past: the bow.


The clock tower

Everybody knows the Big Ben, the huge clock tower in London. Its one of the most visited sights and seen as a typical British building. Did you know that the clock tower is a Greek invention?


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