Speak if it's Greek

Truth or lie, fact or fiction? In our show "Speak if it's Greek" we wish to give you, the listener, in an entertaining way the chance to test your own knowledge.

Is the story you will hear true, and the item really of Greek origin? Or are we just pulling your leg? Listen an decide for yourself. The correct answer will be given away every week in the preview, and below the video.

So go ahead and Speak if it's Greek!

The Catapult

Who knows a bit about the antique is aware of what a dangerous and violent time it was. The need of efficient weapons was permanently present, and the catapult an excellent siege weapon. But did the Greeks invent it?


The Eggbeater

There are many Greek desserts and sweets, most of them famous. Where they created with the help of an eggbeater?


The Wheelbarrow

Making work easier is something the ancient Greeks are famous for. But did they also invent the wheelbarrow?


The Yoyo

Is this little trinket of amusement of Greek origin? Listen and decide for yourself!


The Windmill

Grinding flour, using the wind like no other construct ever was able to and still being in use in our today's time: The windmill. But were the Greeks handy enough to be the first to develop this technology?


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