Have you ever wondered what answers you will get if you could interview Greek personalities like Hades, god of the underworld, or the great Greek poet Homer? No? Well, lucky you, because we already did it for you! Tune in to our fictive Talks with famous people from Greece, and marvel at their unexpected answers!

Interview with Selene

Today we will talk with my guest about gossips and controversy of her life.
This time, right out of the universe came to us on her chariot of horses, the goddess Selene.
One of the most popular celebrities these days... on the Olympus ;)


Interview with Sinon

In todays episode of our weekly radio talk show, we invited a great and very intresting guest to our studio. Have fun listening to Sinon and his stories! Some of you might know him from the battle of Troy. Sinon was one of the key characters for the success of the trick the Greek army used on the Trojans: The Trojan Horse! Enjoy


interview with Socrates

 Today we have an interesting guest in our studio: Socrates, the master of dialogues. Listen to an interview which turns rather out to be a philosophy lesson.  


Interview with Tiresias

 Today, in our studio, we have a special guest, who already knew that he was going to be invited.... He is a blind prophet with a great and surprising story... Let's hear what Tiresias has to tell us !


Interview with Tyche

Another special guest took the long way from heaven to our studio in order to produce an interesting talk. It is Tyche the goddess of chance.


Interview with Uranus

Today we will welcome outside of the studio in our garden a special guest for this week. The god of the sky, husband and sun of Gaia, the earth.


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