Have you ever wondered what answers you will get if you could interview Greek personalities like Hades, god of the underworld, or the great Greek poet Homer? No? Well, lucky you, because we already did it for you! Tune in to our fictive Talks with famous people from Greece, and marvel at their unexpected answers!

Interview with Leonidas

Today we have enormous pleasure to conduct interview with king-warrior of Sparta, Leonidas widely known from batlle of Thermopile.


Interview with Medusa

In Greek mythology Medusa was always described as a monster but today we will get to know her better and we can ask her some private and yet unanswered questions. Maybe there's just a normal girl behind these terrifying looks. Let's find out in our exclusive interview with Medusa!


Interview with Metis

In our today's interview our guest will be Metis, the goddess of wisdom and prudence. I kindly invite you to listen what she will tell us about herself and her past with her husband Zeus today!


Interview with Morpheus

Our interview-partner Morpheus is a specialist concerning dreams. He therefore can morph into any form needed in order to deliver us messages from heaven.


Interview with Nike

This week we welcome Nike, the Godess of Victory in our studio on Chios Island. Enjoy the interview and learn something, maybe unexpected about sucess and vicktory from the Godess herself, who for sure has a new perspective and also answers our question about this sport brand... If you want to know more click the button below. 


Interview with Oedipus

Welcome to our studio. Today we invited an interesting guest… it will be a quite intense experience since he is not in a very good mood and he usually doesn’t like to talk about his life. Try not to feel too depressed after listening to Eddie’s misfortunes..


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