Have you ever wondered what answers you will get if you could interview Greek personalities like Hades, god of the underworld, or the great Greek poet Homer? No? Well, lucky you, because we already did it for you! Tune in to our fictive Talks with famous people from Greece, and marvel at their unexpected answers!

Interview with Demeter

Demeter - an amazing character and very important. She is the Goddess of agriculture and vegatation. Listen to this interview and you get to know her life and infectious power. Have fun!


Interview with Diogenes

We will not meet our guest of today in our studio. We are here at the Agora of Athen. Maybe at the first sight you will have got a fright of his sordid appearance but on closer inspection you will recognize him as one incomparable brilliant person. Welcome for the great philosopher Diogenes.


Interview with Dionysus

This week we would like to welcome Dionysus, God of wine, in our studio.
So my dear listeners, raise your glasses and cheers!
Furthermore, get an insight in his complicated life and get to know why he was not only born once, but twice!


Interview with Eileithyia

Now we have a special guest in our category Talk. Fortunately, Eileithyia accepted our invitation and we spoke about her tasks as the god of birth and midwifery.


Interview with Eris

Do you know also these days when your phone drops into the toilett, you loose your key in the gully whole  and your boy or girlfriend breaks up with you? Today I have the personification of all this bad luck in my studio. Listen to this unique and chaotic interview, with Eris, the Goddess of discord.


Interview with Eros

My dear ladies, dear gentleman, I am very happy to welcome you once more in our cute, little studio of
As every week we have today again a kind of special guest to tell us his story. He is known mostly as the messenger of love, a little boy with the name Cupid.
But please don’t believe to fast whatever you hear, because our guest is not at all the little boy who is often illustrated in the roman art. Extend with me a warm welcome to our today’s guest.


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