Ruins of Koila

Koila, one of the most important ancient memorial places on Chios Island, is located between the villages of Lagada, Pityos and Kardamyla overlooking the ancient harbors of Tholos, Lagada, Delphini and Kardamyla.


Samaria gorge


Isle of Crete, Greece

The gorge of Samaria is located in the south-west of Lefka Ori(the White Mountains) in the province of Sfakia.

Is one of a dozen national parks in Greece.
The Samaria gorge is the longest gorge in Europe.
Each day, from spring to autumn, you can hike and you will never be alone because is really the best destination to


Summer Cinema "Cine Kipos"

The Municipal Summer Cinema "Cine Kipos" was established in 1995 by the municipality of Chios and its Development Agency. It is situated in the Municipal Garden (Kipos) of Chios city.



Taxiarchis is a historical church dedicated to the Archangels Michael and Gabrielle, located in the charming village of Mesta. It is usually called "The Big Taxiarchis" by the villagers so it’s distinguished from the other church of Taxiarchis ("The Old Taxiarchis"), which is more ancient and smaller in size. This church is the biggest one in Chios and one of the biggest in the entire country of Greece.


Temple of Phanaios Apollo

The ancient temple of Apollo Phanaios is located in Phana-Pyrgi near the village Mestá.


The Castle of Chios

Spending time in Chios City, you will for sure see the big walls, which are a part of the Castle of Chios. This medieval citadel is located next to the port.
In the past, the large wall had the task to defend Chios against enemies attacks but also against the destructive element, the sea. Though the time of wars has gone, people still live and feel safe there. According to data, there are about 650 inhabitants.


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