Thasos or Thassos is a green island geographically part of the North Aegean Sea, but administratively  part of the Kavala regional unit. It is the northernmost Greek island, and 12th largest, very close to the coasts of the mainland. 

Thirassia island

Today I will tell you a little bit about the interesting island Thirassia. It is also named Therasia, Thirasía or (in Greek) Θηρασία.
Thirassia is a small island in the volcanic island group of Santorini in the Greek Cyclades. It is a part of the community of Oia and has an area of 9.3 km2


Are you interested in culture, history, arts and religion? Then you should consider a visit to the island of Tinos.

Thira (Santorini)


Located 175 km from the coast of Greece and 110 km from Crete, Thira (commonly known as Santorini) is one of the most famous touristic centres in Greece. Being a remnant of a volcanic caldera Santorini have to offer a lot of beautiful landscapes consisting of volcanic black beaches, high cliffs and beautiful white villages on the top of these cliffs.



Tilos is a small island in the Dodecanese , it's the seventh largest island of the archipelago, it is located at west of Rhodi where is possible to go for excursion.
Tilos has 64km² area and there were 535 people in 2001 .


Zakynthos is a Greek island which is located in the eastern part of the Ionian Sea.
It is also called Zante Island. The second name, more a nickname is the Flower of East.
Zakynthos is the third largest island in the Ionian Sea.  It is one of the most famous touristic places in Greece.

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