Amorgos is part of the Cycladic islands and it's represented by fantastic golden beaches with cristallyne water where you can diving(Mouros Beach, Kalotaritissa) impressive caves and ancient paths across rocky lands.
Moreover, this island took part in Luc Besson's movie” The Big Blue” and in Giorgos Kordelas's movie “Ariadni”.


If your dream is to find an island in which you can do fishing, diving and sailing, Andros it's your paradise.
It's an Cycladic island, nearly 40 km long and its greatest breadth is 16 km.
According to the mithology, Andros was a grandson of Apollo, general of the cretan king Rhadamanthus, and the king give to him this island.


Greek taverns, sand beaches, sun and sea. What do you want more for your beautiful Greek holiday? On Antiparos Island you can find all this and more. In a coziness, that only a small island with few inhabitants is able to offer, you can enjoy all these conveniences with only a few people and as a result much comfort.

Anafi Island

Anafi’s secret attractions are its high, impressing cliffs high above the water of the Southern Aegean Sea. It is a must-do to climb up those rocks at least once during the stay on this Cycladic Island for enjoying the amazing sunset.

Ano Koufonissi

Today I thought I would like to talk to you about a beautiful little island in Greece where you can have wonderful holidays and a relaxed time.
Koufonisia in general is a complex of two islands in the centre of the Cyclades in the South of Naxos.
Kato Koufonissi is uninhabited and has its name only because of a trip to one of its beaches by Panos Koufonissi.
Ano Koufonissi of which I will talk about is inhabited and a very nice destination for tourists.


Hello and welcome to! If you live in a big noisy city and you want to make holidays to forget the speed and rush of your everyday life, I have the perfect recommendation for you. A small island with only a few people on it and a lot of nature to discover named Arki (or Arkoi, in Greek its called Αρκοί).

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