Paxoi is part of Ionian Islands more or less 13 km to Corfu', tipped toward the west coast which is dominated by steep,cliffs,harbors, many “blue caves” that can be explored by boat departing from Gaios (the capital).

Are you not curios to discover the history and the hidden beauties of the island?

Place: Kastellorizo

Hello and welcome to our radio. Today I want to tell you about some magic island Castellorizo
This small rocky form rising from the sea, called the last stop in Europe, just two miles from the southern Turkish mainland but so far from the rest of Greece is also known as Megisti,and Meis (the Turkish name).


The island of Psara is a very quiet but nice place. This little island is a part of the north Aegean region, like Chios. Moreover, it is very close to Chios island, only 22 kilometers north west and 150 km east of Athens. Interesting about this island is that it has only about 500 inhabitants. Amazing. The people live in the village of Psara. The important places are the beaches, the Monastery of Kimisi Theotokou, the church of Agios Nikolaos and the Spitalia which are buildings of the 18th century. Psara is an amazing island, very small but with a lot of possibilities and an unaffected nature.


In my new radio article for this week I would like to present you a very interesting island. By 5.5 square kilometres it’s the biggest island of the group of Echinades and is called Petalas (Greek: Πεταλάς).


Even if summer still seems far away, it will be here before we even realize the winter is gone. So, time to plan the holidays, isn’t it? But, as always, finding a fitting place for the vacation, is harder, than imagined. Well, maybe I can help you there.
Do you search for a place with nice weather and beaches, but not too crowded? A rather small and calm, but nevertheless beautiful island? Not too touristic? Well then you are right in Poros!


The Island of Rhodes is closer to Asia Minor than to the Greek mainland and only 18 km away from the southern shore of Turkey. It is located northeast of Crete and southeast of Athens.
Rhodes' nickname is The island of the Knights. You can still see many ruins of their castles.

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