Medea (Euripides)

Today for our “Culture” we will speak about Medea, one of the most powerful and enduring of Greek tragedies centers on the myth of Jason, leader of the Argonauts. Written by Euripides one of the most famous Greek authors.


The Titan's Curse

This week I'll be telling you about the fantasy-adventure novel "The Titan's Curse" which is part of the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" by Rick Riordan. "The Titan's Curse" is actually the third book of the series. The first two, "The Lightning Thief" and "The Sea of Monsters", were made into movies that were successfully played in cinemas all around the world.


Achilles' Fiancee

The book I will talk about is  “Achilles Fiancee” of Alki Zei, in Greek “Η αρραβωνιαστικια του Αχιλλεα”.
The main scene of the plot is Paris, accompanied of flashbacks in the years after the military coup in Greece the year 1967.
In Paris the protagonist, Eleni works as an extra in a film production of the “Horror Train”. There the screams of the actors and the director bring her back in time, when she was a political fellow, when she was a part of the guerrilla.


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