Zorba the Greek (book)

Zorba the greek

This novel, first published in 1946, had written by the famous greek author and philosopher Nikos Kazantzakis.
It was adapted into a successful movie in 1964 with the same name by the director Michael Cacoyannis, as well as a 1968 musical “Zorba”.


Agean dream

Skopelos is one of the islands which inspire writers from the whole world. The best example is the ‘Mamma mia’ movie filmed in this island, which made a big success on the whole world. But the beautiful corners of Skopelos we can not only see in TV but also in the books which can play in our imagination. This is a good moment to introduce you a new book in our book section ‘Aegean dream’.



Imaret- Yiannis Kalpouzos

    If you feel like a crime novel where a nineteenth century history blends with a literary fiction, showing a tough Greek-Turkish relation, you should totally try “Imaret” written by Yiannis Kalpouzos.


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