Alexis Stamatis - Chameleons

One Modern Greek writer is Alexis Stamatis, a well-known novelist, playwright and poet born in Athens, Greece. He graduated in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens and made his postgraduate degrees in London in the subjects Architecture and Cinematography.


Little Infamies

For all bookworms among our listeners, we are going to introduce you a new goodie of modern and thoughtful Greek literature. Made out of 19 short stories which are all somehow connected, “Little Infamies” by Panos Karnezis takes place in a rustic, fictional Greek village and was published in 2002.


The Most Exciting Greek Myths by Dimiter Inkiow

This is another amount of Greek literature. Do you know any myths? Do you know Daedalus and Icarus? And could you imagine why they were able to fly? If not, the whole answers to those questions you can find in the book ‘The Most Exciting Greek Myths’ by Inkiow Dimiter.


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