Homo Faber

One of the probably most famous parts of the ancient greek culture is the amount of myths, it has given us. For nearly every situation, one can possibly experience, there is a greek myth describing it. The ancient Greece has built such a big world full of gods, heroes and tragedies, that they still find place in our modern literature. One of the best examples for this is the book “Homo Faber”.

You may ask yourselves now, what a book called “Homo Faber” written by a swiss author called Max Frisch, has to do with greek myths, greek literature, and therefore with greek culture? Well, you will see!


Adventures at the Greek Table

Have you ever imagined to set off on a trip though the most beautiful and distant corners of Greece tasting at the same time the specialities of various Greek regions? 




Today, in our Cultural article we will talk about the book SPARTAN.

The setting is in ancient Greece, as it’s easy to imagine, in the city of Sparta.

The writer is Valerio Massimo Manfredi, a famous Italian historian, writer and archeologist.


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