The Flaw

Antonis Samarakis was a contemporary Greek writer of the postwar generation. His work is characterized by its humanism, its commitment against the danger of totalitarianism and reflection on the alienation of human beings in the modern world.




If you are interested in the Greek Mythology and you want to find something new about it wrapped in a youth story, Starcrossed may be the right choice for you. The book is about the new life of the young protagonist Helen, after she finds out that she was a demigoddess from the Greek Mythology and her love to one of her natural enemies.


Secrets of the Swamp

Greeks and Bulgarians soldiers struggle to get from the swamp, to secure for themselves a base to control the villages and to fight a common enemy: the Turkish occupation.
Written by Penelope Delta in 1937, this book represents one of the most dramatic chapters of Modern Greek history.


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