American Fugue

At a crucial stage of his life, one Greek writer receives the invitation to participate in a literary program in America.
He decides to go to leave behind the ghosts that persecute him.
But in the new country he does not find peace.


The Fortress of Memory

In the imaginary village of Paliokastro, the "memory citadel" of the book, the first novel of the trilogy of memory of Fakinos takes place. Paliokastro, symbol of the Hellenism that fight in defense of their independence and their cultural identity, is the last corner of the Greek land remained free after the Ottoman conquest.


The Last Black Cat

Sometimes to describe the mysteries of the human condition it needs a fairy tale rather than a philosophical text. Essentially, from Aesop to Phaedrus, until La Fontaine and Orwell's Animal Farm, the world of animals has always been an inexhaustible source of symbols and allegories useful for better understanding of the world and the relationships between human beings.
Additional to this great classics, there is now also The Last Black Cat of Trivizas Evghenios.


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