The Crucial Step


The band we want to present this week is The Crucial Step!

If you like powerful music they will for sure catch your attention!


The New Valleys

Today we present you The New Valleys. This influenced by rock and folk indie band has only two members, Alan Scorpa and David Pavluk. The musicians formed The New Valleys in May, 2014.

After some Craigslist hunting they got a small studio apartment where they slept on a thrift store futon or in a closet.The whole place remained 300 square feet but it was enough to record their work without professional studio, manager and expensive device. 


Lilly Wolf

This week’s band of the week is Lilly Wolf, a duo from New York and they described their music as “ pop music for pop music snobs”. The band is made up of woman Lilly Wolfson and the producer Alex Neuhausen.


Gone by friday

This week’s band of the week is called Gone By Friday. The music they play is mostly punk rock, and many people compare them to green day. The members of the band are brothers named Chris, Peter and Billy.


Neon NiteClub

Have you ever heard of the Neon NiteClub? No? Then be aware we will present it to you in this week’s band of the week! The Neon NiteClub is a one-man-club and it comes from Orlando, Florida in the United States. His music can be settled in the genres of pop, dance, funk, electro and retro and is touched by the 80’s pop music.


The Boom Boom Beckett

This time in “band of the week” we have a new group: The Boom Boom Beckett!!!!!

This italian group formed in Turin in 1996 is composed by: Gilberto Maina (on tenor saxophone), Andrea Cavallero (on the guitar), Fabio Angeleri (at the piano), Massimo Santarelli (on the double bass) and Marco Tencone at the drums.
In their songs are included lounge, jazz, eletronic and bossanova music.


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