Familia Reggae

Familia Reggae is a group which was created in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2008. This group has roots in the reggae music culture.


Semme Automatic

Welcome to chiosRadio.gr!
Our today’s band of the week is actually a solo musician, but anyways, I would like to introduce you to a young hip hop artist I recently discovered, living in Pensacola, Florida born on 21st October 1998 in Tacoma, Washington with oculoctaneous Albinism.


Michael Ellis

Michael Ellis was born in 1983 in Germany in a city called Oldenburg near Bremen in the north of the country.

He started his career at the age of six when his parents decided to enroll him in violin lessons.


The Bourgeois

The name of the current "Band of the Week" might be a little confusing. They are American but their band has a French name, The Bourgeois. I can imagine that some people might just shorten their name with "The B" because remembering the right pronunciation without basic French knowledge is quite difficult.


Barefoot McCoy

Like every week we have a new musician for you to enjoy.
The last days, whenever I went out I smelled the spring here. The sun warmed me up and the birds started again to sing their beautiful songs.
At a wonderful time like that when the whole nature awakes, I really don’t like to hear loud and fast songs, I like to hear melodic, calm, lovely music.


Respect Your Mom

Today I want to speak about women with you. Actually about just one - the most beautiful and the greatest of all! I know what you are thinking… Which actress, which model or which singer is he speaking about? You are wrong, guys! The most important woman of our lives is of course our mother.


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