...One day electricity would stop?

For sure you have already seen documentaries or movies which represents life in the past when we didn’t have the electricity.
Could you imagine if for any reason nowadays we would come back in the same situation?

No parties in the night and no movies before to go to sleep and of course no Internet, how would you imagine yourself used to have and to use the Internet everyday to wake up one day and you cannot wright a message to your girlfriend or contact any other person or authority.Our normal way to communicate is the e-mail and without that, the world would slow down. Internet is the fastest communication we have nowadays and it also makes sure that we can make shopping from the other part of the world staying comfortable in our home or find the best expert in the world of a particular field like a Doctor for example.
Anyway I believe we should praise our technology but also enjoy more life like our grandparents taught us, “Carpe diem” !
How would you react to a radical change for your life as this one? Do you think you would accept and you will go beyond this?


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