... Ancient Greece would not have existed?

Thanks to the Ancient Greek culture we are able to enjoy democracy, theatre, the Olympic Games, many stories based on Greek Mythology, and so on. If this culture would have never risen up we would be a much poorer society than we are today. So how would our world look like, if the great philosophers, inventors and politicians of this time were never born?

First of all our status of science would be a lower one, without all the great architecture miracles of the Ancient Greek, e.g. the religious temples, of which the Acropolis of Athens is the most known and best maintained one. Greek architects left us a big knowledge about how to build structures to stay for centuries. Also the Greek mathematicians bequeathed their incredible discoveries to us. In the mathematics we still use Greek script, what is another proof for their heritage to us. And, last but not least, thanks to the great Greek philosophers our society has the wealth to be able to read their doctrines and to discuss about the human values, which are important today and at their time.

But not only scientific achievements are left to us, we are also pleased with the Olympic Games, the theatre, the inspiring stories of the Greek Mythology and many other things. The most important of those may be the democracy, which influenced our daily life for decades and which counts as one of their best inventions.

Without the Ancient Greek culture, I’m not sure, where our society would stand today. Maybe we would still have monarchies and separated kingdoms instead of the uniting European Union, since we had no democracy. We could live in totally different homes and many of today’s societies would look different, as the Greek
Civilization influenced many cultures of their time.

Of course this old culture was not perfect in their values, but they gave us a lot to build up the wealth and prosperity we can enjoy today.

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