Greece is a beautiful country, anywhere you go, you will find beautiful surroundings and friendly people. Today I am going to talk about, no exception, Spetses, a small island with 18 miles of coast and the hilly interior is filled with pine forest. This Island is small but just big enough to keep you occupied while visiting, there are many summer activities, the best season to visit is actually September-October, because the weather is not unbearably hot nor cold, In 2000-2006 this Island actually had snow in the winter period. Most of the Island will be closed during winter time.



In summer, cars are banned on this Island, the only cars you will see are exceptions, like business owners and they only have 4 taxis. The Island has 4,100 year-round inhabitants, all living around the main town of the island. In summer there are almost as many inhabitants as before the Greek War of Independence in 1821, before the war there was about 13000 inhabitants. Due to the small population on the

Island, you can only find one high school.


In summer there are many nationalities to find, and you often see the wealthy Athenians with their big yacht by the harbor. Off season this island has a calm and quiet atmosphere and its letting you truly live the greek life, but in season you will see many tourists and the life gets more active on the Island. Therefore you can travel Spetses any time a year dependent on which type of holiday you are looking for, either way this island truly is beautiful.

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