Paros is one of the greek islands located on central Aegeean Sea and It is one of the Cyclades island group. The area is 165 km2. The island is west of Naxos and east of Antiparos. That is interesting Paros is elliptical shaped with 168 kilometers of coastline.

Paros is an ideal starting point for exploration ofd Aegeean Sea. The island is well connected with other islands. Ferries arrive there in just a few short hours. The main port is situated in Parikia which is the capital of the island, and it is a beautiful Cycladic village with whitewashed cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions.

Paros is a natural beauty, there are so many beaches with crystal clear waters, traditional villages and breathtaking landscapes. This is the place for all ages, for people who want to just relax, have fun and enjoy the beauty of Greece.

It gives the great opportunity to live experience an exhilarating touring all around the coast of the island by canoe or kayak! There is the beautiful natural landscape with impressive white rock formations on Kolymbíthres beach. The beach of Kalóyeros, surrounded by red and green clay rocks offers a really effective spa for free! You can cover your body with clay and let it dry in the sun, afterwards your body will feel softer than ever.


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