Didima Beach

The beach we are talking about this time has the Greek name for twins – Didima. That’s because of the two small coves, separated by a rocky alluvium, that the beach consists of. They look very much alike – both offer white pebbles and crystal clear turquoise water.

 It s a very beautiful and not really touristy beach, because of its location 32 km southwest of Chios City far away from the busy coasts of the island. You can find it on the road from Limenas Meston to Elata, about 5 km from the charming village of Mesta at the west side of ChiosIsland. The best way to get there is by car or motorbike. Tourist facilities can’t be found, the one loves, the other hates it. But people, who love to relax at unspoilt calm beaches that offer natural surrounded landscape, should definitely give it a try. Didima beach is secluded with steep cliffs and the water quality is outstanding.  It is a picturesque beach and people can spend an undisturbed and isolated day relaxing, swimming and even fishing there.

So, take your towels, a beloved person and some lunch packages to enjoy Didima beach!


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