Elinda Beach

There are very various beaches on Chios Island. Most of them are covered by little stones and from time to time there are also beaches covered by sand.
One of them is Elinda, which is also a bay.


Elinda beach is situated on western side of Chios Island. This is a beach which is covered by very soft sand. Anavatos is the closest village from this beach. It takes only 10 minutes from this village by walk.

On this beach you can relax themselves and of course take some sunbathing.
The crystal-clear water helps you see what is on the bottom. If you are interesting in water world, you can do it on this beach. It is perfect place for people who want to have some privacy. There is not so crowded place.

If you still wondering which beaches you should choose for your relaxing time I can tell you that there is one more interesting things. Not so far away from the shore there is a wreck of the ancient ship. For sure you can not miss this. So let’s go discover.

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