Mykonos is a Greek island, in the heart of the Cyclades lying between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. If the mention of Mykonos doesn’t immediately bring to mind bright white buildings, turquoise skies and tanned bodies lining golden sandy beaches, you’ve been living under a rock. The most popular Greek Island in the Aegean Sea is all about energy and cosmopolitan life. During the day some privacy can be had in the more secluded north beaches, but the south beaches are all party. Ski, jet-ski, windsurf, horseback ride, parasail or just save up your energy for the evening ahead, like most of your fellow travelers in Mykonos .


According to mythology, Heracles defeated in one of his twelve actions some giants, which he threw into the sea. When they petrified, it says that the island of Mykonos arised.  And did you know that the island was named after Apollo's grandson Mykons.
In antiquity, the neighboring island of Delos which was only 2 km away was an important cultural and religious center
According to tradition, it was forbidden there, to be born or to die. Therefore, it seems likely that many people travelled frequently between the two islands. During this time, the island's culture has been influenced by several other nations, as the Macedonians and the Phoenicians and their traditions.
But Whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a real good time, or a visitor who wishes to explore the island’s history and tradition, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.
Need an adrenaline rush?
The island is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts! It is only natural that the “Island of the Winds” should attract surfers and sailors from all over the world! There is a great choice of beaches for windsurfing;

doesnt this sound like the perfect mixture of fun, party and relaxation?

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