We proudly present you one of the most beautiful places on Chios Island. I really hope that you will enjoy your listened tour through this small village and makes your wish to come to chios even stronger!

Spartounda is one of the wonderful, sceneric mountainous villages located in the western part of Pelineo mountain, which is about 46km away from Chios City.
It lies just after Fyta on the road from Katavasi to Kambia.
This route is likely to be taken by hikers, who really appreciate the natural beauty of this place and the surrounding flocks of goats and sheeps, which are owned by cattle-raisers, which are the main inhabitants in Spartounda.
But not only the animals give the area such a beautiful touch, but also the surrounding forest, the vivid flora and the abundant water that swells from the mountainsides emphasize the fact, that this is a must see for everyone who visits our beautiful Chios Island.
Spartounda is the start of some exciting natural tracks for the visitors.
The top of Mount Pelineo is the highest point of Chios Island, and  about 1.300m high.

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