Now that it may be too cold for you, drinking your frappe at the beach you can instead enjoy your coffe at the central stone square in Avgonima, a old traditional, small village, offering a great view at the sea.


located in the center of Chios Island built on a rocky hill close to a pine forest, is only 16 kilometres away from the centre of Chios town and 6 km from Anavatos.
Furthermore the village is settled 450 meters above the sealevel and is one of the most preserved villages of Chios Island, built during the middle ages.
The name Avgonima occures from he local name “Avgonimata” which - in Greek - means “low - value fields”.
Due to the architecture of the houses, mostly made out of the stones from the mountain, which are built one to another in combination with the narrow alleys, which lead to the central stone square, Avgnomia is also called “castle village”.
The central square is surrounded by many taverns and the village’s church.
From the village you and can also enjoy one of the most romantic sunsets and a stunning sea and mountain view. When there is really clear weather you can even see the shapes of Andros in the west and Mykonos in the south.

Enjoy your stay!

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