Daskalopetra Beach – a really wonderful beach of Chios Island.

It is located 5km North of Chios City in the area of Vrontados .Characteristic about this beach are many things. On the one hand it is a beach with white pebbles and a wonderful crystal clear water. You can swim, dive or just take a sunbath in a really nice area. On the other hand there is a wonderful harbor with a lot of colorful boats directly next to the beach. When you go to the beach you will see it directly and maybe if you are lucky a boat that brings fresh fishes. Next to the beach are palm-trees and restaurants, taverns and cafes where you can enjoy fish from the sea.

 Moreover, the beach is close to "Homers stone" where Homer taught his students. This stone is a very important cultural and historical place. Homer is the Greek God of music and poetry.
All in all Daskalopetra is a beach for the local community and the tourists and is has got many possibilities. Cultural and historical because of Homers stone and it has got a really nice countryside because of the white pebbles, the crystal water and the palm-trees.


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