45m2 was produced in 2010 by Stratos Tzitzis. It is a movie about freedom and autonomy, the identity of a Greek woman and a life that changes a lot.


The story

Christina lives with her mother in Athen, Greece. She is the main character and really dependant from home and her family, an overprotecting mother. Moreover, she has a low-wage job. But she doesn’t accept this situation and on one day she decides to move and leave her home, the safety and the comfort. With a lot of power, a strong desire and an open mind she starts to live her own life and wants to see the world with it’s amazing possibilities. That is why she rents a 45m2 roof-top flat away from home in a really nice area in Greece. Because of little financial possibilities she decides to work as a waitress to pay the rent for her flat. A step that shows her growing self-dependence during the movie.
In her free-time she loves to live her dreams and read art-books. These art books are a very important part of the movie. They are from the former renter and have a really big influence on her because her life becomes poetic and literate. During the time she looses the contact with her friends and family but she finds her real personality, her identity and becomes more and more independent.

This movie is a good example for the possibilities of a modern life and has a really strong message. The title describes her living-conditions and shows that little things are also enough. Moreover it motivates everyone f you because everyone of you can create his or her own world if you start to become independent and the main thing is that you should live your dreams – like Christina.




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