180 Degrees

180 Mοιρες (engl.: 180 Degrees) is a action film based on the novel by the writer Giorgios Andreou.



When the beautiful Anna met her husband Jannis, she was for sure more interested in him and his work as a art dealer than Jannis in her. As a result the wife is very unhappy in her marriage now and her life is kind of boring.

One day, Jannis is like very often on a business trip, her situation changes: A robber, called Vasilis, came into their house to steal a valuable painting from Van Gogh. Anna is able to stop him but then the situation changes and she is forced to escape with him. The wife is not only fleeing for the police, also for her husband and her old life.

While Jannis is amusing with his secretary Elena, Anna and the robber Vasilis come closer on the run...

It is a action story with tension but also characterized by romanticism. The film plays on a beautiful landscape and is in Greek, but also with English subtitles. The first time it was presented on the Greek Film Festival 2010 in Melbourne, Australia and the audience left the theater with a very good vibe and was happy to watch this movie. Regisseur from "180 Mοιρες" is Nicholas Dimitropoulos.




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