Adamantios Korais

Adamantios Korais was a Greek linguist and writer. He had a huge impact on Greek fight for independents. He was born in April the 27th, 1748, in Smyrna, Anatolia (now İzmir, Turkey)— and died in April the 6th, 1833,in  Paris, France. He was Greek humanist scholar with classical views. He gives intellectual basement for the Greek awareness.

He was a son of a merchant studied medicine at the University of Montpellier in France, and in 1788 he moved to Paris to continue a literary career. He believed that education would guarantee not only the achievement of independence, but also give an opportunity to establish a proper Greek constitution.

Adamantios Korais was a Greek linguist. He created the modern Greek language. He was an expert of ancient language, so he thought that in this old one were so many borrowings, as a result of the Turkish occupation. Korais developed a new, clear one and referring to Classical Greek. Katharewusa – that is the name, took effect and was the official language of independent Greece. During 140 years it had been presented in offices, politics and schools as well. It was actually an artificial language, so for local Greek people it was so unnatural. In 1976 this language was replaced, but it had still a huge impact. As a consequence in the present Greek language you can find some phrases from Katharewusa.

Adamantios Korais was the writer as well!
His main literary works were a 17-volume Library of Greek Literature, published between 1805 and 1826. In this Library you can find historical, philosophical, political, and also scientific works by classical writers. Each of this position includes prefaces in Modern Greek. The first four books of Homer’s Iliad ware also edited by Korais.


So as you can see his influence on modern Greek language and culture was     
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