Agios Minas

Agios Minas is a monastery located on the Eastern part of the island, about 9 kilometers from island’s main city, Chios. Neochori, the village in which the monastery is located, has the most tourists’ accommodations on the island and lots of tavernas to choose from, but that’s not the only thing that makes it a great place to spend your holiday in.

Most famous is its monastery, situated on a hill above the city. It was built in the end of XVI century, probably between 1572 – 1595, by the reverent Neofytos Koumanos and his son Minas. It is prospering up until nowadays, however the inhabitants changed – firstly it was a men convent; now it is a monastery for women. The nuns (now there are about 11) are mostly known and appreciated for making ecclesiastic garments.
During the Turkish occupation the monastery held a school and a library.
The rich history of the place doesn’t finish here. Inside the monastery are stored skeletons of so called 40 victims, killed in 1822 by Turks. The massacre caused much more blood than 40 people – the Turks slaughtered approximately 3000 women and children at that time. The monument of the occurrence is created by the blood on the monastery’s floor.
The monastery’s building is outstanding too, so don’t forget your camera!

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