Maria Callas. The best Opera Singer

Greek people are really proud of being from the same country of the best singer of opera of all the time, but moreover Maria Callas was born in New York on 2nd of December of 1923. She was the youngest member of an immigrant’s family from Greece to New York.


She was the youngest member of an immigrant’s family from Greece to New York.

When Maria Callas was fourteen she moved to Greece again with her mother and her older sister after the divorce of her parents, it is in this moment when her mother forces her to study to become a singer. And Maria Callas started her musical education in Athens, specifically at the younger Greek National Conservatoire where Callas was accepted of course because her remarkable vocal register.

In the beginning she didn’t want to assist to the conservatoire because she was only a child but her mother realized the talent and she forced her to study without stopping.

In one interview that the opera singer offered long time after she told that she never couldn’t forgive that her mother took away her childhood.

After some years Maria Callas appeared like soprano singer at the Greek National Opera, where she sang during many months and her performances were declared like spectacular and she got the nickname “the Diva”.

After this success she could go to Verona and she played in “la Gioconda” opera and Callas settled in Italy where she played some of her best and early performances on the stage like for example Norma, Medea, Violetta at La traviata, Lucía and Tosca.

In spite of she was singing around all Italy, The diva was even more popular and she could sing in the entire world Chicago, Berlin, Vienna, Philadelphia, Washington, Dallas, Colonia, Edinburg, Amsterdam, Japan. From that moment Maria Callas became the best soprano singer in the xx century and she played La traviata at the covent Garden of London La traviata with Cesare Valetti.

Unfortunately everything was not perfect in her life. In her best professional time she met the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and she fell in love immediately of him, the diva abandoned her previous husband and she lived a very short and intensive romance because after some time the magnate abandoned Callas in order to marry with Jackie kennedy.

After this incident she felt depress and the diva spent her last months of her life isolated in her flat in Paris, trying to reach the same vocal register of her youth and feeling sad because of the abandon and the death of her lover Aristotle Onassis.


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