Educational System in Poland

The educational system in Poland was established in 1998/ 1999. Since then, there have been some necessary changing in the system concerning the administration, the supervision and the teacher's rights etc.

The preschool has also seen some changes after the new Educational Act of 2002. Now, the preschool is seen as the first step or the lowest level of the whole system and since 2004 compulsorily for all the children at the age of 6. The preschool mainly focuses on for example the basic knowledge in reading and mathematics and the individual development are being promoted.

The next level of the Polish educational system is the primary school for pupil aged between 7 to 12 which is also compulsory. The primary school can be divided into two parts: The first part (class 1 to 3) provides the beginning of the learning process, while the second part (class 4-6) conveys the systematic learning. Due to the general educational plan of the primary schools the timetable of the pupil is 'just' filled with the minimum of lessons every week. The content of the two parts are also differently and are based on each other. Here are some examples: The first circle deals with the Polish language, the social and natural environment, mathematics, craft and sports. Oppositely in the higher educational level the teacher or the rooms change according to the subjects the pupil might will have.

After successfully passing the primary school the children are free to chose together with their parents and teachers about their following process of their school career between different types of schools. (Note that there are no advantages for rich families because all of these described schools are for free). The general secondary schools teaches the children in general subjects with a final certificate that allows the children to enter the next level. The pupil that pass the exams which are called "matriculation" are granted the chance to visit the post-secondary vocational school.

In the post-secondary education the students can decide about their eventual career choice. If the student is for example interested in becoming a nurse, specialist of computers, librarian, entrepreneur or a hotel manager, they can study this area accordingly. In Poland, there exist a lot of different institutions that offer many possibilities to let the students reach their favorite job at the end. These schools combine the practical work with the general secondary education in one school. The young students are able to acquire adulthood and become determined and qualified workers at the end of their school career by being individually promoted.To show the variety of the different student's possibilities in the educational system of Poland here are some examples: Universities, polytechnics, agricultural or economic institution etc. The biggest academy is located in Warsaw which has additionally the biggest number of teachers. From the bottom of the system to the top all of these steps are totally free of charge.

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