The Gorgon

On our creature from Hellas topic you will now hear a description of a creature and in the end you should guess, if it is either from the Greek mythology or if it’s a Disney or Hollywood invention, so let’s start.
The creature, or better the creatures are three atrocities. They appear with long hair, but if you look closer, you will notice that their hairs are snakes.

Like all special creatures have their special skills, also the Gorgones have the power to transform you into stones within a few seconds, just by looking at them. Some people who are speaking about this strange creatures told that it might be also just one and not three different creatures. Still it is one mystery if the creatures consist of three or just one atrocities, because nobody has really seen it without getting morphed into stone. Furthermore, this creature is concerning to the story a kind of a mermaid. For example it lives inside the sea and if a ship is passing, this horrible creature takes the ship down in the sea.
People who have seen the Gorgones told that they are three different characters with three different skills. One of them is for example kind of a price, or can jump very far. But all of this information is very unsecure and nobody really knows about these Gorgones.
Concerning the movie, or the Greek mythology, if you drink the blood of one part of the body, you can either revive again, or it can be one very strong poison who can lead you to death immediately.


The Gorgones is part of the Greek mythology.


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