Kommissar Seegurke

In this week, I present a very special musician to you. He is an only 16 years old boy from Germany, still goes to school and just loves computers as well as music. What else do you need to write your own songs?


In the age of 15, he started to try out different music programs and combined various sounds and melodies. Afterwards, he thought of his own melodies and beats and improved his knowledge about how to create sounds on the computer. Right now, he already has a few very good songs which are mostly relaxing to hear. So, you don't have to be a professional guitarist or an amazing singer to make your own music. All you need is a creative mind and fun to try something new. Let's hear one of his most recent sound – experiments in which he combined his own melodies with the famous quote of Micheal Jackson: ”Care about us”! Lean back and enjoy!



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