The Faun

Today I would like to present you very well-known creature. He is part of different fantasy books and movies. Our topic for today is the Faun.


Faun is the god of the nature and the forest. He is the protector of the farmers and shepherds, and protector from their animals and fields. On pictures he is shown as a creature which is half human and half goat, but also Faun can appear in different figures. Faun is responsible for the fertility of animals and humans. If Faun is bored he likes it to shock the peoples in the forest or at home and sometimes he is sending nightmares. But mostly he is a good, friendly and level-headed god. Also he can make prophecies.

Often Fauns were presented as mythical creatures, which are similar to the Satyr. Satyrs are ghosts of the forest. They have a human torso, but their legs and feet are parts from a goat. Also they have a tail. Satyrs can play the flute or shawm and they keep watch over the cornfields and favor their growth. But in the difference to the Fauns they are more aggressive, shiftier and sometimes even malicious.     

Also Faun has a female counterpart, called Fauna. She is known as the sister or daughter from Faun.

And now what do you think. Is the Faun a creature from Hellas or where else does he come from?


Faun is a roman god. But in Greece he is on a par with the god Pan. Also every February the Romans celebrated the "Lupercalien", the celebration of Faun. It was a ritual to make atonement and bring fertility.

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