Kamarina sound machine

Our Band of the week is called Kamarina Sound machine.
It consists of Italian newcomers , who try to fascinate the people producing fresh beats mostly without voice.

They use electronical beats in connection with physical sounds like rattles or drums in order to create harmonic vibes.
The resulting atmosphere is decently suitable for playing to relax.
But to be honest you can even listen to it during your work.
If it will have an effect, then it will be to increase your level of productivity.
The group itself explaines, that their style unites elements of ambience, chill-out, techno, drumnbass and electronical music.
What is for sure that the music of Kamarina Sound machine is various, which is also why you can listen to their music for multiple times.
With regularly uploads on jamendo they seem to be persistent artists with ambitions.
Maybe this expectation is a bit exaggerated but I can imagine them to be famous music producents in the forseeable future.
Now you have the chance to listen to their latest song "Tristezza" to make your own opinion.

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