Mc Richard

This week it is again time for a Latin band in our “band of the week” category. The singer and songwriter of this week comes from a small city called Camagüey located in the middle of the Caribbean island Cuba.


Mc Richard started to upload songs on Jamendo in 2013. In this year he also published one of his most famous albums called “La Tormenta”, which means the storm. His style of music is very typical for Cuba.

His songs belong to a music genre called Reggeatón, which has its origin in Panama and Puerto Rico, but is very common in the Caribbean. A variation of Reggeatón is Reggeatón cubano, the music style of Mc Richard. It is characterized by very rhythmic instrumental music which is more or less at the same volume as the voice of the singer.

Furthermore, Mc Richard sings quite typical for the Reggeatón cubano, in a quite fast and therefore difficult way to understand. Moreover, you may hear his name in the song sometimes, which is also quite common for this type of music.

The following song “Hay Algo De Ti”, in English “there is something from you”, is about a woman who enjoys singing and a man, who is in love with her voice. It is from the album “La Tormenta” published in 2013. And now enjoy!

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